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Faeryn Wymsglade - Nylac Mahdits - 11-21-2020


Faeryn Wymsglade was born and raised in Aglarond. Wars and rumors of wars with Thay pervaded his youth. As a moon elf in wild elf territory, Faeryn was more at home in the Yuirwood than the borderlands. The Art came naturally to the young elf. His contemporaries mocked his fascination with those haunted glades, but Faeryn saw a them for what they were: refuge amidst the chaos, a natural redoubt against the tide of Szass Tam's minions. When Faeryn came of age and gained the wood's acceptance, it revealed to him a gate: a portal to Evermeet. Along this route, he comingled with the Fey and the enlightened denizens of that faraway realm. He began to see through the illusions that guarded the sacred forests. As time passed, he made friends with the elves of Evermeet but could not accept their aloof resignation to the plight of his homeland. He returned to the front lines and used the Art to safeguard beleaguered Aglarondian troops in their endless border skirmishes. His tactics confounded Thayan officers, as their numbers were meaningless against an enemy that seemed to vanish into the mist when the tides turned against them only to strike again when their guards were down. It was by this method that he gained the attention of the Order and accepted his role in service to the Realm at large.

RE: Faeryn Wymsglade - wilderwind - 03-31-2022